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By JulieJ · 51 days ago
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SURGERY sisters Charm and Brittani Niccole have both been given breast enlargements, Botox and facial peels by their plastic surgeon dad.
10 days ago
People in Saudi Arabia - the second hottest country in the world - have recently had a chance for some fun, building snowmen 
12 days ago
Energy drink not only gives you wings, it gave this girl a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...
19 days ago
kinky Brian Jessop, 2015 is going to be the year that he turns over a new leaf…and quits bonking POUFFES!
22 days ago
A POTATO was found GROWING inside a woman's vagina after she tried to use a spud as a contraceptive.
25 days ago
PRADA cover girl Katerina Netolicka died from extreme exhaustion brought on by a gruelling training regime, according to her autopsy.
25 days ago
A TEACHER who was sacked after bosses found out she was a hardcore porn star is appealing her dismissal.
25 days ago
SEX-MAD Brits are determined to spice up their sex lives for the New Year.
25 days ago
A BALLERINA harassed by a sex pest on social media is being sued under copyright laws after she posted a picture of his penis online.
25 days ago
KIDS toy Play-Doh are embroiled in a penis-shaped scandal after creating an object which dubiously looks like a sex toy.
25 days ago
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It's frustrating why he won't lick me yet I often gobble him off.
19 days ago
I’M a sexually-frustrated housewife with a hubby who works long hours.
19 days ago
I HAVE been with my girlfriend for a year and I thought we were getting on great until a few weeks ago.
25 days ago
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